Want to know the colour of your personality?

Thanks to the ComColors questionnaire and the one-hour validation debriefing, we can establish your dominant colour and your secondary colour. You’ll find out how you communicate, what motivates you, what stresses you and how to get out of stress.

I want to take the ComColors questionnaire

Ratings and Reviews

Very interesting!

Thanks to Comcolors and Franck for the debriefing. With professionalism and pleasantness, he helped me discover my personality and made me understand why I reacted in this or that way in different types of situations!


Thanks to ComColors and the debriefing with Franck Jullien, I discovered precisely my personality type! The clarity that this brings me already allows me in a few hours/days to take better care of my motivation and to be more lucid when I enter into behavior under stress. As a father of 2 children, I have the keys to understand them better and communicate better with them. To share !!

An ultra-versatile Swiss army knife

ComColours operates a synthesis between Jungian personality inventories and models from the AT. Its originality is that it redistributes the postulates in such a way as to harmonize the general processes and the characteristics resulting from the social and relational history of the person. This makes it a very versatile Swiss army knife for both the coach and the therapist. Well done !


By taking the test, I was looking for an answer to who I really was, and thus allow myself to work effectively on my business creation. It took Franck a little time to find my dominant color because it was well hidden, by my upbringing in particular, but he uncovered it! I’m still amazed! Many thanks to Franck for his invaluable help!


Thank you very much! For allowing me to answer the whys and wherefores that lay dormant deep within me for years. The advantage of this method: live discussion with a professional who allows you to deepen the questionnaire. I hope that this method will be in all educational structures, which will allow the youngest to be able to discover themselves and flourish…

I want to take the ComColors questionnaire


What happens once I’ve paid?

  1. You will be emailed access codes to complete the ComColors questionnaire.
  2. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you select a date and time that suits you for your interview. You must have completed the questionnaire before you can make an appointment.
  3. You will receive confirmation by email with your zoom link to use during the appointment.
  4. You find out the results of the questionnaire with the trainer. This is the starting point for the discussion you will have afterwards.
  5. Your dominant colour and your secondary colour will be agreed between you and the trainer at the end of your appointment.
  6. Once the interview has been completed, you will receive by email a detailed and personalised assessment of your ComColors profile (20 pages in PDF format) as well as unlimited unlocked access to the ComColors App so that you can receive daily notifications at the time of your choice to take care of yourself in the colour that’s right for you. The codes used to complete the questionnaire are the same as the codes used to access the app.

What is included in the price?

  • The questionnaire
  • A one-hour zoom interview with a certified trainer
  • Your twenty-page report with your detailed results, including your favourable environment, your communication style, your motivation, your behaviour under stress and in conflict, and your role in the team
  • Access to the functionalities of the ComColors App – personalised daily or weekly advice on how to stay positive

Why does the questionnaire have to be sold with a one-hour personal debriefing?

All questionnaires based on self-perception measure how you perceive yourself. In the ComColors approach, we aim to put you back in touch with your deepest motivations. To do this, we work together to question your self-perception in order to bring out your deepest personality, the one that drives you and gives you unlimited energy. This explains why the results of the test cannot be sold without a validation interview.

What’s the point of knowing your colours?

Knowing your personality colours helps you to become aware of your strengths, to reconnect with your motivation and to reduce your behaviour under stress. It also helps you to avoid conflict with others and to understand your added value as part of a team.

What validity does the questionnaire have?

The ComColors questionnaire has undergone extensive psychometric validation. 24 psychological dimensions were measured using exploratory factorial analysis. 3 major families of behaviour were also validated by confirmatory factor analysis: motivation, stress and conflict behaviour. Temporal stability using test/re-test analysis was also calibrated in accordance with established psychological values. This research work was supervised by Fabien Fenouillet, a teacher-researcher at the University of Paris-Nanterre. If you are interested in this subject, you can find the results of our research here: https://www.comcolorspartners.com/fr/notre-recherche-psychometrique

I’ve made my payment but can’t find a time that suits me

We regularly release time slots, so please keep an eye out for upcoming dates. Send us an email with some of your availabilities.

I’ve taken the questionnaire but I haven’t received my results by email

The results of the questionnaire are given to you during your debriefing. This result is not definitive; it will be discussed during your interview. You will confirm your dominant and secondary colours with the trainer. At the end of the appointment, you will receive by email your full assessment of around twenty pages.

How does the appointment work?

At the appointment time, log on to zoom using the link you will have received by email beforehand. This is a totally confidential one-hour meeting with ComColors-certified trainers. The trainers are friendly and attentive to your needs. If you’re curious about this process, take a look at the video of a full debriefing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y_RSnGYgCA

How long does the debriefing last?

The debriefing lasts about an hour. It’s a time to ask your questions and, above all, to confirm your colours so that you can receive your full results, which are around twenty pages long.

What does my report contain?

Your report contains your detailed results with your favourable environment, your communication style, your motivation, your behaviour under stress and in conflict and your role in a team.

What is the purpose of the ComColors App

Once your colours have been confirmed, you have access to the functions of the ComColors App. You’ll be able to see your results, but above all you’ll be able to activate daily and/or weekly notifications, depending on your choice, with personalised advice on how to motivate your colour.

You can download the ComColors app now, as it contains free features such as a video presentation of the 6 colours.

Do I have to pay to access the application?

Access to the features of the mobile application is included in the price and is available for life. There are no additional charges, so you never have to pay to access it. If you have a question that is not on this list, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Is it possible to give the profile and debriefing as a gift?

Of course it is! What a great idea!

It’s very important that when you pay you enter the email address of the person you’d like to give it to, and not your own, so that they can receive the access codes and make an appointment. If you would like to receive an invoice, tell us in the box provided that it is a gift and enter your email and billing details so that we can send it to you separately.

I want to discover my ComColors profile