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En5-Conflict behaviour

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  1. Conflict Behaviour
    1. Conflict behaviour: Purple type
    2. Conflict behaviour: Purple type
      1. Give an example of a situation in which a Purple type shows their conflict behaviour.
      2. During a discussion with colleagues, Vincent, a Purple type, supports the idea that a partnership with the Bodon Group would be more beneficial than with another company. His colleagues do not all agree, and take turns expressing their opinions, without necessarily taking Vincent's ideas into account. He is annoyed, and begins to raise his voice and repeat that this is a very important subject, and that Bodon is the best partner. His colleagues are getting tired of hearing him repeat his arguments and justify his position with long tirades. What can Vincent's colleagues say to help him exit his conflict behaviour?
    3. Conflict behaviour: Red types
    4. Conflict Behaviour - Red types
    5. Give an example of a situation in which a Red type shows their conflict behaviour
      1. Eric is a Red type. Every year, just before the end of the year, his company organizes a dinner. The company pays for the appetizer and asks the employees to bring a main dish or dessert to share. Every year, Eric complains about having to bring something to the party, because his company is financially successful and would be able to afford to pay for the whole meal. When the organizing committee asks him what he will bring this year, Eric explodes, loudly. People step out of their offices to see what the fuss is about. How can the committee help Eric get out of his conflict behaviour?
    6. Conflict behaviour: Yellow types
    7. Conflict behaviour - Yellow types
      1. Give an example of a situation in which a Yellow type shows their conflict behaviour
      2. In the middle of a presentation about his project, Steve, a Yellow type, clicks on the wrong button and erases his slideshow. Right away, he gets annoyed and blames his computer, which, according to him, has been "acting up" since the last update. Instead of just continuing with his presentation, he sits down, crosses his arms and says he can't continue if people keep giving him obsolete hardware. How can you help Steve get out of his conflict behaviour?
    8. Conflict behaviour: Blue types
    9. Conflict behaviour - Blue types
      1. Give an example of a situation in which a Blue type shows their conflict behaviour.
      2. Sandrine is a Blue type. She is disappointed by the disorganization of her work team, and decides to take on the project herself, and finish it alone. She brings extra work home for the weekend. Her husband reminds her that they had planned a family outing to a park on Sunday, and asks her if it is still on. Sandrine responds angrily that she can't just go waste her time at the park when she has all of this work to do. What can her husband say to help her get out of her conflict behaviour?
    10. Conflict behaviour: Green types
    11. Conflict behaviour - Green types
      1. Give an example of a situation in which a Green type showed their conflict behaviour
      2. Veronica is a Green type. During a team meeting at work, a sensitive subject came up, and the participants quickly raised their voices. Veronica wasn't able to express herself. When one of her colleagues asked her advice, she remained silent and continued to think of a solution. Her colleagues, exasperated by the situation, raised their voices again, and accused her of being slow, and not really present for important things. She was very angry and agitated internally. Veronica shut down even more and wasn't able to say anything at all. How can you help Veronica get out of her conflict behaviour?
    12. Conflict behaviour: Orange types
    13. Conflict behaviour - Orange types
      1. Give an example of a situation in which an Orange type shows their conflict behaviour.
      2. Peter is an Orange type. He is always ready to lend a hand, but recently he has gotten a bit behind in his work, because he has been helping too many of his colleagues. Today, his supervisor comes to tell him that his client called, and that the document she was expecting two days ago hasn't arrived yet. Peter realizes that, by helping his colleagues, he has neglected his own work and forgot to send the document. Peter starts to panic, and feel guilty. He apologizes flatly and promises to find a solution as soon as possible. How can Peter's supervisor help him get out of his conflict behaviour?

Conflict Behaviour

Conflict behaviour arises when a motivation is not fulfilled. When a person in a +,+ life position isn’t able to fulfill their motivation, they will generally start exhibiting their conflict behaviour. This behaviour gives them the illusion that they are returning to the +,+ life position. If this doesn’t work, and they are unable to fulfill their motivation in a positive way, they will go into a -,+ or +,- life position, depending on the personality type. And they will switch into their conflict behaviour.

The personality types that adopt a +,- life position as part of their conflict behaviour are: Red, Blue, Purple and Yellow types.  Green and Orange types adopt a -,+ life position.

Most of the types will try to fulfill their motivation while exhibiting their conflict behaviour, but in a negative way.

Each personality type has a specific behaviour under stress, and their own way of getting out of that behaviour.

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