Les positions de vie

The concept of life positions is central in the ComColors model because it gives the meaning pursued by the training: “The goal of this training is to allow you to develop the ++ position. In this training, we go to the discovery of your mode of functioning in order to discover your strengths. The more you are aware of your strengths and what motivates you, the more you will be able to live the positive side of your personality type. We We are not going to correct or improve who you are but we are going to help you become aware of your functioning so that you allow yourself even more to be the person you are. Learn to develop the position of life ++ it is giving you the opportunity to live your potential positively.”

The presentation of life positions serves this objective.

Attention: do not confuse life positions ++ and relationships ++. They are two very different things. In life positions we only talk about the individual’s internal perception of himself. The quality of the relationship is a consequence of the life position of each individual.

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