Presentation of the ComColors training course

Welcome to this journey in which you will discover your personality and that of others.

Self-discovery is a journey where we discover facets of ourselves. We are multiple because we have within us a history, an education, encounters, experiences, emotions and a type of personality. Our personality type is different from the other components that make us up because we share it with other people. Personality types are measurable, defined, precise and explain our repetitive behaviors in both positive and negative ways. They reveal our potential, our functioning, our motivations and our behavior under stress. They shed light on our friendships and our relational difficulties.

Knowing your personality type and understanding that of others has a strong impact on ourselves and in our relationships. We can finally understand our inner conflicts between what we think we should be and what we can’t help being (our personality type). We can also understand that others do not act against us but to satisfy a motivation that we did not know existed before this training.

Understanding your personality type gives real permission to allow yourself to be yourself!

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