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En1- ComColors training - Know yourself better to communicate better

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Blue color perception and communication filter (Summary)

  • Its filter is logical thinking, everything is a matter of understanding, information and analysis. What matters most to a blue guy are facts; that is, what information can he use to understand a situation. He will tend to ask a lot of questions. Example: He is the king of the double entry table. (He cross-references the information to obtain the most effective result according to him).
  •  It is a mental process that is interesting because it uses logic and efficiency. Example: The magazine “What to choose? », a magazine made by blue guys for blue guys.

Mode of expression in relation to its mode of perception: 

The words: Do…, I think, it’s logical, who…, do you want…

The expression: neutral voice

Gestures: attentive face, hardly any

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