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Communication colours / Perception filters (Yellow types)

Perception and communication filters for Yellow types

  • Because yellow types respond spontaneously to things, to events and to people, it’s like they are bouncing off things. 
  • Natural misunderstandings arise between opposite colours on the Comcolors diagram. The natural style of Purple types annoyes Yellow types, and vice versa. 
  • In class, Yellow types ask a lot of questions so they don’t get bored, and can’t help making little jokes. Take as an example the student who calls out “The ceiling!” when the teacher says “Let me call on…” while looking at the ceiling.  Ways of expressing themselves related to their perception:     When Yellow types express themselves, they often choose a more relaxed style.  Words: cool; awesome; I love it; it’s so annoying; I’m fed up => they go back and forth between I love/I hate; it’s awesome/it sucks Tone of voice: energetic, goes up and down Body language: sparkling eyes, radiating energy, movement. A very flexible attitude in their personal style
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