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Conditional behavior of the orange type

Orange types derive a lot of pleasure from pleasing others. It comes naturally for them, and it recharges their batteries. What must be understood about Orange types is the importance of their relationship with others. But sometimes, it’s less pleasurable for them, and then a bit less, and less, until finally, there’s no more pleasure at all. But they continue to please others, saying: “Oh! Surely this will make me happy!” This behaviour makes it difficult for them to say no.

In order to keep pleasing others, even though it is draining for them, Orange types cut themselves off from their feelings and their intuition, which are their usual perception filters. They cut themselves off from who they are and lose sight of what pleases them. Even at a restaurant, they might say: “Oh, that sounds good. I’ll have what you’re having.”

The work that Orange types do on their conditional behaviour is their path to personal development, more than for any other type. Learning to not say yes right away is an excellent way to take some pressure off. Saying no is too hard. The bar is too high.

At work, Orange types are often overwhelmed because of the fact that it’s hard to say no, but they won’t hesitate to take on a new task if someone appeals to their dedication. Blue types are unable to say no for a different reason, because by offering them a new task, they are being recognized for their ability (and Blue types can’t say no to that). Orange types say yes because they are afraid they won’t be appreciated if they say no. But it’s more than just being appreciated – they fear losing the tie, the relationship that motivates oranges types to say yes to everything, and to put the needs of others before their own needs.

Orange types must learn to not say yes to everything, and to understand (with little steps) that when they stand up for themselves, they are respected and appreciated. They need to understand that the relationship with another person won’t be cut off if they say no sometimes.

It is primordial for Orange types to listen to their feelings, and to notice when their batteries are drained. Then they can do something about it by not saying yes to everything.

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