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En5-Conflict behaviour

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Conflict behaviour: Red types

(Graphic – Red, +,- I explode and make a lot of noise, Are you up to the task? +,+ I feel important when I am challenged, +,+ if I find a solution, and fast!)

Red types fulfill their motivation when they feel important, in their own eyes, and sometimes in the eyes of others. They are very motivated when someone asks them to take up a challenge. If their motivation is not fulfilled and they don’t feel important, red types will explode and make a lot of noise in order to attract attention and satisfy their motivation (in a negative way). This makes them feel important and strong; even if they don’t see this as something that can cause damage. They quickly forget the incident, but their interlocutor can become resentful, and it can harm the relationship.

Red types have a “signature” outburst style: intense and short. It is often disproportionate to the cause of the outburst. It lasts for a few minutes, they make a lot of noise, and it’s over. They are then in a +,- life position.

Even if Red types are able to fulfill their motivation in the short term with their conflict behaviour, it harms their relationships in the long term (because of the outbursts). If someone is a Red type, they must learn to control themselves, because as soon as they feel the adrenaline start to rise, it is already too late to stop. For example, Red types often use physical activity as a way to limit and control their conflict behaviour.

In order to help a Red type get out of their conflict behaviour before an explosion, you can request something of them, challenge them, or suggest they take up a challenge over something that is difficult to resolve. That will immediately motivate them.

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