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Life position +,+

Life position +,+ corresponds to a situation in which I consider myself to have value, and I consider that my interlocutor also has value. This is the win-win position. Not to be confused with the win-win relationship.

This position is a position of construction, of cooperation, it is in this position that we can really have energy.

The +,+ position is synonymous with cooperation, openness, listening, respect,…

It is a position of influence (I give myself permission to influence others and I accept to be influenced by others), and it is the position to which the ComColors model aspires.

It is this position that allows us to put ourselves in touch with what we really are. It makes us shine in the type of personality that is ours.

An example of a situation in which I am in position +,+ could be the following:

“I feel really good in this company. I give my all to achieve my objectives, and I work in collaboration with my colleagues on the points in which we are most efficient. I feel that I make my contribution to the others and for my part, I am enriched by the advice and skills of my colleagues.

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