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En1- ComColors training - Know yourself better to communicate better

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The Green type perception and communication filter

Green color perception filter

  • The word “think” doesn’t really convey how Green Type really works. Because in fact when you ask a (slightly complex) question to a green guy, the answer that comes is “I don’t know…” but what the green guy doesn’t necessarily say is “I’m going there to reflect on “. We have planted a seed in his mind that will grow until the solution “comes to him”. Example of large IBM computers from the 70s on which a complex calculation is launched. During this time you can continue to use the computer and after a certain time, the calculation result arrives. (This is exactly the mental process of the green guy, he started the question and the answer will come to him later).
  • Green guys are criticized for being slow, the green guy child has not yet integrated his mental process. It is necessary to help him. Example of a teacher with a green type child: “Think about the exercise and I will come back to question you after your classmates.” The green guy turns on his brain the moment he’s asked the question. Unlike adults who find strategies to save time.
  • If you want to move forward with a green guy, you need to set a deadline and agree on an appointment to see each other (action). Conversely, if you tell him: I would like you to put this in place without giving a deadline, you will not necessarily get any feedback!

Green communication filter

  • Mode of expression in relation to its mode of perception: 

Words like: An idea came to me, I’ll think about it, I don’t know, …

Tone of voice: Monotone tone of voice

Gestures: Absence of expression.

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