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En1- ComColors training - Know yourself better to communicate better

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The Orange type perception and communication filter (summary)

Here we will address the filters of perception and communication and provide keys to identifying personality types.

Orange color perception filter

  • He first has an emotional perception of the exchange: example: An orange-type student, supporting the relationship between teacher/student “if I feel good I understand everything, and if I feel bad, I understand very little.”
  • The orange guy can’t distance himself because he’s touched deep inside. It’s constantly: example: An orange type person no longer watches the news on television, because all this unhappiness affects them and makes them feel bad.
  • So for an orange type , the idea is to base your exchanges on human relationships, on warmth, on connections. Example: an orange guy won’t stay in a store if you don’t say “hello” to him.

Mode of expression in relation to one’s mode of vision: 

  • Orange types smile a lot, as they smile a lot, the soft palate is inflated and the voice is soft, kind, soothing. The words that go with it are: I really enjoy being with you today, it makes me really happy to spend time with you… The expression: the face and body are leaned forward, turned towards others.
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