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En1- ComColors training - Know yourself better to communicate better

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The Red type perception and communication filter

  • The red type perception filter is action. The red type person launches an action that achieves a result:
    • If this result is OK, the action continues.
    • If this result is not suitable, it brings a correction and launches a new action. Example of James Bond: there are bad guys, we give him some information, we give him money, weapons and gadgets and he goes there. He has no plan.
  • His mode of perception is: Action > Result > Correction. Reduced to the 10th of a second it becomes instinct. An almost instinctive adaptation to people and situations.
  • In fact, Red Types have a hard time explaining how they do it, because they do it! They can define a plot but they will not necessarily follow it for themselves, it is just a guide.
  • The Red Guy is in the action. When you meet someone with a Red Type, they say “what do we do? », what is the action we are going to do together?

Red color communication filter

  •   Mode of expression in relation to its mode of perception: The words: “tell me what you think”; “Show me what you’ve done”; “Tell me how you’re going to do it.” It’s a fairly direct mode because it gets straight to the point. Tone of voice: In general, the voice is rather firm except when he adapts to his interlocutor Gestures: The facial expression as well as the voice depends on the interlocutor he has in front of him. A RED Type in his natural style is rather direct but as soon as he is in contact with someone and he himself is looking for a result then he will start to resemble the one who is in front of him. Be careful, this is not a calculation, it’s instinctive! Don’t think the red guy is manipulating! Action often precedes reflection.
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