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En1- ComColors training - Know yourself better to communicate better

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The Violet type filter of perception and communication

Violet color perception and communication filter

  • The purple type compares, gauges, evaluates everything in relation to its value system. The question for him is whether he agrees or disagrees, whether he adheres or not. (This is not a question of information). Let’s take the example of a stubborn child: the lack of arguments with his parents pushes him to be stubborn when it affects his value system. To be balanced with the yellow type who can be stubborn, but in the sense that the thing is not fun.
  • The purple type cannot take information and put it away, ;He has to form an opinion. Example: During training, some trainees may call out the trainer for a simple word used. 
  • For a purple type, it is important to be ethical, upright and to follow through on what they believe. Overall it is a personality type that will accept the rules unless they are unfair. He will trust his parents, he is a child who is disciplined, in the sense that he will respect conventions. Purple types like argumentation and they like it when others argue too, but be careful, real argumentation!
  • Mode of expression in relation to its mode of perception: 

The words: I am convinced, in my opinion, it should, I think, in truth.

Tone of voice: Engaged tone of voice, he can be neutral but when he says something he believes it. His face can be attentive, convincing and you can sometimes have the feeling of being undressed in your eyes.

Gestures: Few gestures, attentive body

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