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En1- ComColors training - Know yourself better to communicate better

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The Yellow type perception and communication filter

Yellow color perception filter

  • The yellow type reacts spontaneously to things, events, people, in fact he bounces back.
  • You’re going to have natural misunderstandings between opposing colors in the ComColors diagram: the natural style of the purple type irritates the yellow type, and the natural style of the yellow type irritates the purple type.
  • The yellow guys in class ask a lot of questions so as not to get bored and can’t help but make little jokes regularly. Example of the student at school who suddenly says “To the ceiling!” when the teacher says “…we could ask…” while looking at the ceiling.

Yellow communication filter

  • Mode of expression in relation to his mode of vision: When the yellow type expresses himself, he allows himself to have a little more relaxed language.

Words like: cool, great, I love it, it’s boring, I’m fed up, => you’re going to have someone who’s going to oscillate between I love it, I hate it, it’s great, it’s crap….

Energetic tone of voice that modulates between high and low.

For gestures: you will have someone who has a sparkling look, who is radiant, who moves. A very mobile attitude in his way of being.

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