Conflict Behaviour

Conflict behaviour arises when a motivation is not fulfilled. When a person in a +,+ life position isn’t able to fulfill their motivation, they will generally start exhibiting their conflict behaviour. This behaviour gives them the illusion that they are returning to the +,+ life position. If this doesn’t work, and they are unable to fulfill their motivation in a positive way, they will go into a -,+ or +,- life position, depending on the personality type. And they will switch into their conflict behaviour.

The personality types that adopt a +,- life position as part of their conflict behaviour are: Red, Blue, Purple and Yellow types.  Green and Orange types adopt a -,+ life position.

Most of the types will try to fulfill their motivation while exhibiting their conflict behaviour, but in a negative way.

Each personality type has a specific behaviour under stress, and their own way of getting out of that behaviour.

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