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En6-Savoir animer : Les 6 types - Position de vie - Environnement favorable

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Creation of anecdotes to illustrate each aspect

For each aspect of the model (favourable environment of blue types, +,- life position, etc…) you will create a story or anecdote that illustrates it.  

  • this will allow you to present the concepts in a way that trainees can relate to and easily understand  
  • you can use the same anecdotes during the second stage of the certification process

The anecdotes will be reviewed by the leader of your training session. and you will receive feedback.

Ideally, each story will contain:

a context, a place, characters, a conflict, and a resolution.

And, of course, an explanation that links the story and the concept it is illustrating. This last point is very important. If you are unable to make that link, it is perhaps because your anecdote is illustrating another concept.

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