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Communication colors / perception filters (green type)

Perception and communication filters for Green types

  • The verb “to reflect” doesn’t accurately translate the real way Green types function. Because when you ask them a question (a complex one), the response that comes up is “I don’t know”. But what Green types don’t necessarily say is “I’ll think about it”.  A seed was planted in their brain that will continue to grow until a solution “pops into their head”.  Take for example the huge IBM computers from the 1970s that have to solve a long, complex problem. While the computer is working, you can still use the computer, and after a while, the answer will come out. (This is exactly the mental process that Green types undergo. Input the question, and the answer will come out later.)
  • Green types are often accused of being slow. Green children haven’t yet integrated their mental process. It is important to help them. For example, a teacher could say to a Green type: “Think about the exercise, and I’ll come back to you last.” As soon as a Green type hears the question, their brain starts to work. It’s a bit different for adults, because they have learned strategies that allow them to buy time. 
  • If you want to help a Green type move forward, you have to set a deadline and schedule a meeting to see them (set things in motion). On the other hand, if you just say: “I’d like you to set this up” without giving a specific deadline, you might not get results!  
  • Ways of expressing themselves related to their perception: 

Words: an idea popped into my head; I’m going to think about it; I don’t know

Voice: monotonous

Body language: no expression

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