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Communication colors / perception filters (red type)

Perception and communication filters, Red types

  • Perception and communication filters for Red types For Red types, action is their perception filter. Red types begin actions that allow them to get results:  
    • If they like the result, the action continues
    • If they don’t like the result, they make a modification and begin another action 
    Example, James Bond: there are bad guys, someone gives him information, money, weapons and gadgets and off he goes. There is no plan. 
  • His perception filter is: Action > Result > Correction. If you break it down to tenths of seconds, it becomes an instinct. An almost instinctive reaction to people and situations. 
  • In fact, Red types have a very hard time explaining how they operate, because they just do it! They can come up with a plot, but they will almost never follow it exactly because, for them, it’s just a guide. 
  • Red types are action-oriented. When you meet a red type, they will say “What should we do?” “What action should we take together?” 

Ways of expressing themselves related to their perception:  

Words: Tell me what you think; Show me what you did; Explain what you’re going to do. It’s very direct, and goes straight to the point

Tone of voice: In general, their voice is firm, unless they are adapting to their interlocutor. 

Body language: Their facial expression, as for their voice, depends on who they are talking to

In their natural style, Red types are generally direct, but as soon as they are with someone and hoping for results, they will take on the characteristics of whoever is with them. Beware – this is not calculated, it is instinctive! Don’t start thinking that Red types are manipulative. Action often precedes thought. 

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