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Conditional behaviour of Yellow types

When yellow types are motivated, they work very quickly, about 3 times faster than the average person.

The negative belief that makes them think that they are not good enough the way they are is the fear of being taken for a clown. Therefore, they don’t allow themselves to do things easily, they sigh and complain to show that they are working hard! This is the conditional behaviour for Yellow types.

And when this happens, it takes them forever! It’s really the Yellow type who censor themselves, by refusing to do things their own way.

Example : a participant says that during a 3 hour exam, his son leaves after an hour and a half. He says:  “Show me your draft.” “What draft?” says the son. His son, a Yellow type, got an excellent grade on this test. Another time, his son wrote a draft as his father advised, in order to get an even better grade. After 3 hours, his son came out, sighing and complaining, and he complained that he didn’t finish because the subject was too stupid! This time he got a lower grade. He didn’t allow himself to be himself!

Yellow types are very quick… for a short period of time. Their concentration is very limited over time. As soon as things get routine, or when Yellow types don’t feel free to do things their own way; as soon as they are no longer having fun or it’s no longer exciting, Yellow types start to exhibit their conditional behaviour. They show others how hard things are for them, mainly by complaining and sighing. It’s their way of asking for help. You never know if there’s going to be an Orange type just around the corner who might say: “Oh, the poor thing, they’re really having a tough time, I’m going to help”. Or a Blue type who might say: “With that attitude, they’re not going to do a good job! I prefer to do it for them because at least I’ll be sure it will be well done.” And in a certain way, the Yellow type wins!

The solution for Yellow types is to quickly change activities as soon as they start to sigh and struggle. Or take a break, tell somebody a joke, slide down the banister, do wheelies around the block… A few minutes later, they will be able to start working again for about twenty minutes. These frequent breaks tend to irritate Blue and Purple types, who are able to concentrate for longer periods of time.

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