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En5-Conflict behaviour

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Conflict behaviour: Blue types

(Graphic: Blue; +,- I get angry (frustrated); +,+ I feel recognized for my abilities; +,+ If I am a perfectionist)

Blue types fulfill their motivation when they are recognized for their competencies and hard work, and when they are able to structure things.

Blue types feel irritated and frustrated if the people they have to interact with appear disorganized or incompetent. Their tendency will be to point out the shortcomings of everyone else, in order to shine a positive light on their own qualities. They feel angry at the inconsistency around them, and they decide to take charge of everything so that tasks are well done, and so that everything meets up to their standard of perfection. As a result, they will crumble under the workload and get angry (frustrated). This is their +,- life position.

In order to get out of their conflict behaviour, Blue types must learn to fulfill their motivation by making lists of things to be done, and crossing off tasks as they are completed. It is important for them to be realistic about what they have to do, and also about how much they have accomplished. In order to help Blue types to get over their frustration about tidiness, cleanliness, respect for time and a lack of logic in others, you have to show interest in what they are doing, show that you understand it, and congratulate them for what they have accomplished. This will fulfill their motivation, and allow them to return to a +,+ life position.

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