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En5-Conflict behaviour

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Conflict behaviour: Green types

(Graphic: Green  +,+ I need space and time; +,+ if I hide my feelings and difficulties; I am unable to decide)

Green types fulfill their motivation when they are able to recharge their batteries, be in a calm place, and benefit from space and time around them.

Green types avoid conflict at all cost, because conflict draws them away from the tranquility they seek. Conflict also makes Green types feel exposed, because it often requires them to take a firm position. In these cases, Green types close down, cut themselves off from relationships with others, and are no longer be able to decide. It is as if this allows them to find tranquility, which they need to fulfill their motivation (but negatively).

Green types get angry, but don’t express it. They explode internally. They will do anything to get out of the situation that is making them feel uneasy. They enter a -,+ life position.

In order to get out of their conflict behaviour, Green types must become aware of their behaviour and transform their moments of withdrawal and closing down into moments of rejuvenation, which they so need. In this way, they will fulfill their motivation and be able to return to a +,+ life position. They must then manage to express their discontent, and name the events that led to their conflict behaviour.

If you are with a Green type who is exhibiting their conflict behaviour and you want to help them get out of it, it is important to not judge them, or ask them to articulate the problem: It is absolutely essential to respect their space and time, because this is what recharges them. Let the silence be, and lower your level of energy before trying to communicate with them. Invite them to fulfill their motivation, so that they feel at ease.

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