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En5-Conflict behaviour

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Conflict behaviour: Orange types

(Graphic: Orange: +,+ I feel appreciated for who I am; +,+ if I put the needs of others before myself; I feel guilty/make mistakes)

Orange types fulfill their motivation when they feel appreciated for who they are, and they appreciate being in relation with others.

Just like Green types, Orange types avoid conflict. If Orange types feel under-appreciated, and don’t get attention from others, they will make mistakes in order to get noticed, and attract attention to themselves. They will attract criticism, negative comments, and perhaps anger. They will feel bad, but at least they will feel something. If people remain indifferent to their presence or their attitude, Orange types will feel even worse, and will continue to make mistakes. For this personality type, it is better to have negative attention than none at all. They adopt a -,+ life position.

Once an Orange type makes a mistake, they have to stop and recharge their batteries right away if they don’t want to make more mistakes. They have to find another way to recharge, by doing something that does them good (call a friend, look at pictures of good times, … ) Orange types must take the time to look after themselves before looking after other people, if they want to get out of their conflict behaviour.

In order to help an Orange type get out of their conflict behaviour, you need to help them understand that they are appreciated not only for what they do, but for who they are.  Pay them a compliment, and tell them you appreciate them, that you like to spend time with them, and enjoy working with them. This will fulfill their motivation and allow them to return to a +,+ life position. Then they will stop making mistakes.

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