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En5-Conflict behaviour

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Conflict behaviour: Purple type

(graphic: Purple, I impose my beliefs, +,+ if you also…, my advice is taken into account, +,+ if my demands are met

The motivation of Purple types is fulfilled when they are doing something that has meaning, and when they feel that their advice and opinion are being taken into account. They are very motivated when given a mission.

If their motivation is not fulfilled and their opinion isn’t considered, Purple types have a tendency to shut themselves off, to not listen to others and their advice, and to impose their beliefs in order to prove that they are right. They fight for their convictions and are ready to argue with people that they value, in order to have their opinion taken seriously. This is how Purple types fulfill their motivation negatively: They cannot ignore their convictions, and so they will fight to defend them. They are in a +,- life position.

Purple types know what line must not be crossed, and if they want to be able to get out of their conflict behaviour, they must not cross it (especially with Yellow types who are sly, and enjoy winding Purple types up). Purple types must try, to the best of their ability, to fulfill their motivation by expressing their beliefs, without necessarily imposing them on others. They must learn to not over-react when a subject they feel strongly about is discussed.

In order to help Purple types get out of their Conflict behaviour, it is most important to show them that you understand and respect their point of view. You must not give in, or tell them that they are right. Continue to debate with them in a constructive manner. This is  how they can highlight their values and fulfill their motivation.

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