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En5-Conflict behaviour

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Conflict behaviour: Yellow types

(Graphic: +,- When my back is to the wall, I reject all blame; +,+ I feel free, I have fun, and I do new things; +,+ if I struggle and make effort)

Yellow types fulfill their motivation when they are having fun, playing, are happily surprised, and discover new things.  

The first signs that show that a Yellow type’s motivation isn’t fulfilled is when they start complaining, sighing, or protesting. They will then start to blame others and show bad faith: this is their conflict behaviour. They complain about what they don’t have, and repeat the typical phrase of a Yellow Type in conflict behaviour: “It’s not my fault!” They may then invent excuses or white lies to push the blame on to someone or something else, to the point of being silly, or exasperating to others. This is how they fulfill their motivation in a negative way. They enter into a +,- life position.

In order to get out of their conflict behaviour, Yellow types must manage to get back to a positive state of mind by fulfilling their motivation in a positive way, rather than fulfilling this motivation negatively by inventing fake excuses.

If you are with a Yellow type who is exhibiting their conflict behaviour, try to crack a joke and help them have fun. You will be helping to fulfill their motivation, and this will allow them to return to the +,+ life position.

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