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En2-How to explain the 3 important concepts in a debriefing

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[english] The Stories

Creation of stories to illustrate each aspect

For each aspect of the module (favourable environment for Blue types, life position +,-, etc.) you will create a story that illustrates the concept.

  • This will allow you to present concepts so that trainees can easily understand them  
  • You can use them in the second step of the certification process

Your stories will be reviewed by the trainer and you will receive feedback.  

Ideally, a story will include:

a context, a setting, characters, a plot and a resolution. And, of course, an explanation that links the concept to what it is illustrating. This last point is very important, because if you are unable to make the link, perhaps it is because your story illustrates another concept.

Important: Save a copy of your story on your computer. They are not saved on

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