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Communication colours / Perception filters (Blue types)

Perception and communication filters, Blue types 

Perception and communication filters for Blue types 

  • Their filter is logical thought. It’s all about understanding, information and analysis. What counts the most for blue types are the facts; in other words, information that they can use to understand a situation. They tend to ask a lot of questions. Example: Blue types are the kings and queens of double entry tables. (They check and crosscheck information to obtain what they believe to be the most efficient results.)
  • It’s an interesting mental process, because they use logic and efficiency. For example, the French magazine “Que choisir?” is made for blue types by blue types

Ways of expressing themselves related to their perception: 

Words : Does this…; I think; it’s logical that; who…; do you want to…

Expressiveness: neutral voice

Body language: attentive face, barely any gestures 

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