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Motivation for Green types

Green types 

Green types need space and time, and to be allowed to take time to do things. Green types are under pressure as soon as their planners are too full, when they are asked for immediate results, and when they don’t have enough physical space around them (open concepts don’t suit Green types). They will have more energy if they have their own office, and if they can shut their door when they want. They will be a lot more productive if their needs for time and space are respected.

Some might say that Green types need others the least in order to fulfill their motivation. It’s true, yet at the same time, few Green types manage to fulfill their motivation on their own, because they often have strong feelings of guilt. Ever since childhood, Green types have enjoyed spending time doing nothing. They spend time loafing, and they hear people say “Don’t you have anything else to do?” For many years during their childhood, they are criticized for what they don’t do. And then, they start to hide those moments when they are doing nothing. Finally, they stop taking that downtime. As a result, they unlearn how to take care of themselves!

Green types have to learn how to take time for themselves. It doesn’t need to be long. Between 15-20 minutes to let their minds rest (it’s not a question of Green types being tired).

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