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Motivation for Orange types

Orange types

Orange types need to feel appreciated, and to be taken into account as individuals.

  • What can you say to an Orange collaborator? I like the way you act on the the team, etc…
  • What should you not say to Orange types? “You worked super hard!” That’s not going to satisfy Orange types because they don’t work for themselves, they work to please other people.
  • Orange types appreciate friendly working environments. Relationships motivate them. They need to feel in relationship with others, to feel appreciated.
  • For example, Orange types wonder what they did wrong if someone doesn’t greet them when they walk by.
  • When you’re an Orange type and you need to recharge your batteries, try to strengthen the relationship with people who fill you up: call a friend, go for lunch with colleagues that you like a lot, etc.
  • Orange types have strong sensory needs: they like perfume, taste, touch. They are sensitive to smells.
  • Orange types don’t distinguish between their personal and professional lives. They can be friends with their colleagues. Orange types are the ones who remember birthdays.
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