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Motivation for Yellow types

Yellow types 

Yellow types need novelty and change. They are the personality type that needs to have the widest range of motivation. They don’t like routine; they like the unexpected. Breaks and changes in rhythm energize Yellow types. They need to change activities every 20-30 minutes. Yellow types need to be constantly self-determined to have a feeling of freedom. Make sure to not get upset with a Yellow type who arrives late. They refuse to feel fenced in. They work when they want, how they want. As soon as they feel constrained, Yellow types feel deprived of their freedom.

Example: An illustration of the Yellow type’s need for freedom. A young Yellow type says to his father: “You see? You told me to take a glass so you can pour me something to drink. Well, I’m not thirsty any more.”

Yellow types like to have fun, and they like playful things. 

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