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Communication colours / Perception filters (Orange types)

Perception and communication filters, Orange types 

Here, we are going to discuss perception and communication filters, and to give keys for identifying the different personality types. 

Perception filters for Orange types 

  • The first thing they perceive is the emotional quality of the exchange. Example: an orange type, discussing the relationship between professor and student, might say, “If I feel good, I understand everything. If I feel bad, I understand very little.”
  • Orange types can’t distance themselves from their feelings, because they are deeply affected by things. This happens constantly. Example: an Orange type might stop watching the news because they are affected by all the unhappiness, and this makes them feel bad.
  • Therefore, for Orange types, the idea is to base their communication on human relationships, on warmth, on connection. Example: an Orange type won’t stay to browse in a store if they aren’t greeted with a “hello”.

Ways of expressing themselves related to their perception: 

  • Orange types smile a lot. Because they smile so much, the soft palate is swollen, and their voice is soft, gentle, peaceful. Some words they might say: I appreciate being with you here today; it really makes me happy to spend this time with you… Facial and body expression : the face and body lean forward, turned towards others.
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