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Communication colours / Perception filters (Purple types)

Perception and communication filters, Purple types 

  • Perception and communication filters for Purple types  Purple types compare, judge and evaluate everything according to their value system. The question for them is to know whether they agree or disagree, if they endorse something or not. (It’s not a question of information.) Let’s take the example of a stubborn child: the lack of justification offered by his parents makes him stubborn when something affects his value system. A Yellow-type child can also be stubborn, but because something doesn’t seem like a lot of fun.
  • Purple types can’t just hear information and store it; they have to form an opinion. Example: during training sessions, certain participants might comment on the trainer’s choice of words.
  • It is important for Purple types to be ethical, straightforward, and go right to the heart of their beliefs. They generally accept rules, unless they are unjust. They will trust their parents, and are disciplined children, in the sense that they respect conventions. Purple types like debate, and they like others to debate with them as well, but not halfheartedly!
  • Ways of expressing themselves related to their perception:  Words: I’m convinced; in my opinion; we should; I think; the truth is. Expressiveness: Engaged tone of voice; it can be neutral, but when they say something, they believe it. Their face can be attentive, or convincing, and you can sometimes get the feeling of being mentally undressed.   
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