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Conditional behaviour of Blue types

Blue types are without a doubt the personality types that are most sensitive to stress.

Their conditional behaviour, which is the quest for perfection, is so inaccessible that proof accumulates daily, even multiple times daily, that they are not sufficiently competent to be perfect. 

For other personality types, this doesn’t necessarily happen every day. But for blue types, this is repeated very frequently, which reactivates the worry, which winds up putting even more pressure on Blue types!

Example: A Blue type will think twice before asking a question in training. Is my question sufficiently intelligent? Pertinent? Because I am not sure, I prefer not to ask it. Or when I do ask it, it has to be perfect. 

Blue types get 100% on their driver’s exam. At 99%, it’s not good enough. They will do everything to make up that point that they missed. They also want to be perfect parents, spouses, employees, bosses, etc. All the time and everywhere: their demand for perfection is ever present!

Physical tension is ever present for blue types and often shows up as tightness in the thorax (or elsewhere, depending on the person) because they are constantly bracing their muscles, and this generates physical tension.

Blue types never stop because there is always something that is imperfect. There is always something on their to-do list that isn’t finished. If it isn’t finished, it isn’t perfect, so I can’t relax, and therefore I never stop.

SOLUTION: we are going to work on the proof to shift the dynamic

We will ask them to consciously and intentionally do ONE thing that is imperfect (not 2 or 3, just 1)

We negotiate with them: “What do you agree to do imperfectly?”

Blue types will say: “You’re asking me to do something of no quality!”

“NO, I am asking you to do one thing that isn’t perfect.”

In a business, things can be phrased differently. We can say: “When someone asks you to do something, and before throwing yourself into it and winding up in this stress cycle, please ask the person who made the request: ‘What level of quality are you expecting?'” (the person can answer: “something simple, no formatting, no need to put icing on the cake, for example, and that’s it!”)
Blue types can say, okay, I’ll do that and no more, and it’s already enormous for them to not do any more!

It’s another way for them to bypass the stress circuit.

It’s important to start with something that is acceptable to them, but to repeat it every day for at least 3 weeks.

Each time you do that, you provide proof that challenges the system / that challenges the BELIEF!
In order for this to work, it is absolutely necessary to proceed with baby steps.

In this way, little by little, Blue types can take control of themselves and decide when they will do something perfectly or not. It is in this way that THEY WILL INCREASE THEIR INTERNAL FREEDOM.

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